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Autism-IncluDi: A Breakthrough Project Aiming to Revolutionize Special Needs Education through ICT and IoT Tools

The Autism-IncluDi project is set to revolutionize special needs education by introducing innovative teaching and training techniques using specially developed ICT and IoT tools. The project aims to bridge the gap between conventional teaching and training techniques and classroom-type learning that currently dominates the special needs education sector. The COVID-19 crisis has brought to light the existing competence gap among educators in the use of advanced technology and remote training solutions to provide high-quality training away from the classrooms.

The Autism-IncluDi project places social inclusion and equity at the forefront of its research, specifically targeting autistic students and students with special needs. The project aims to create a Competences Framework and Training Content on the use and implementation of ICT tools in the special needs education curricula for face-to-face training, but mainly through a distance learning environment.

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The current research in special needs education focuses primarily on face-to-face learning activities, making remote and distant learning for people with special needs often neglected. The Autism-IncluDi project aims to change that by providing educators with the necessary pedagogical and technical knowledge and competences to implement accessible and inclusive digital learning for autistic students.

The project also seeks to enhance the skills and competences of higher education (HE) institutions by providing them with the adequate supplies to create accessible and inclusive Digital Learning curricula concerning autistic students. This will allow HE institutions to offer high-quality training for their staff, their students at programs related to teaching, and contemporary lifelong learning short courses for teachers/professionals in autism and caregivers.

The Autism-IncluDi project is a crucial step towards achieving social inclusion and equity in special needs education. By revolutionizing the way educators teach and train students with special needs, the project hopes to provide equal opportunities for students with special needs to thrive and reach their full potential.

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