Autism Includi

Expected Impact

The project aims to upgrade the professional profile of primary school teachers and special needs teachers by introducing them to digital skills that will alter the use of technology in classroom settings. Through the enhancement of digital skills, teachers will be able to use digital methodologies to enhance student learning and support remote teaching activities. The project also creates a better communication between teachers and parents, by providing a thorough learning environment both at home and at school. For organizations and policy makers, enriched learning resources will be integrated into the current ones, while supporting the integration of new programs that promote social progress and inclusive education.

At the same time, the project’s results have significant potential for transferability, as the competence framework and training guidelines can be implemented in other contexts beyond Autism-IncluDi. The competence framework can be used in European countries that promote inclusive education and training and can be adapted for use in other disciplines outside of teacher education. The results of the project are expected to have an impact at the local, national, and European levels.