Autism Includi

Project Result 1

Competence Framework about ASD students inclusion in distance learning

A new initiative called the Digital Distance Learning Competence Framework for Educators and Caregivers (DiDiLeCompEdu) has been developed to support students with autism in the transition to digital learning. As more schools and institutions adopt digital technologies, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that students with special needs are not left behind. However, this can be particularly challenging for students with autism and their caregivers, who may struggle to navigate the digital learning environment effectively. The DiDiLeCompEdu framework aims to address these challenges by providing a comprehensive model for developing educators’ and caregivers’ digital competence for distance learning with autistic students.

By using the framework, educators and caregivers can gain a better understanding of the needs of students with autism in a digital learning environment and develop strategies to support their learning. This will help to ensure that all students, regardless of their abilities, are adequately prepared for life and work in a digital society.

The  Competence Framework as well as the Training Guidelines will have a wide-ranging impact on various groups, including teachers in initial training, educators leading to their professional development, as well as caregivers and family members related to students with ASD. This impact extends beyond the participating organizations to other stakeholders such as governmental agencies, teachers’ and parents’ associations, who can benefit from the experience of implementing distance learning for autistic individuals.